Our Academic Program

Academic Rigor + Life Lessons

CVA combines college preparatory academics with rigorous athletic programming while instilling a strong sense of commitment to the community.  We ask students to give us their all on the mountain in addition to giving their all in the classroom.  We offer the same academic rigor as the best public schools, plus many other life lessons they may not have an opportunity to experience at their home school. 

Providing students with comprehensive academic skills

Our college preparatory curriculum is designed to provide students in 7th grade through post-graduate with the comprehensive academic and critical thinking skills that will enable them to move confidently into a post-secondary education.

We have reinvented the classroom with collaboration, engagement, and interactivity.

Carrabassett Valley Academy is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). 

CVA Advantages

CVA’s academic program provides student-athletes with many advantages. Students are challenged to maintain a healthy balance between athletic and academic programs. This develops skills for organization and time management that are crucial to success in college and life. Small class sizes and personalized attention ensure that each student’s needs are surpassed, and that each student has access to additional help when needed.

We are student-centered. CVA students are taught to advocate for their own education, and are held accountable for their work and effort. The unique and rigorous academic experience at CVA has been strategically designed and proven to deliver students that are exceptionally well equipped for their next level of study and for their adult lives.

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  • High Standards for Education

    CVA student-athletes are provided the opportunity to travel across the globe to compete at a high level in athletics. However, athletics are treated as a privilege that is gained only through success in the classroom. Participation in on-hill training and travel is only granted if the student-athlete has surpassed academic benchmarks. This promotes hard work and prioritizes excellence in the classroom.

    While at school, students are required to participate in a 2 hour study hall at least 5 nights per week. During these periods, students may only spend time on their academic work. A teacher is always accessible to students during this period, and willing to provide assistance to any students in need. CVA also provides an honors level of course curriculum, giving students the opportunity to show colleges that they are academically motivated to achieve to the highest level possible.
  • Technology in the Classroom

    CVA makes it a priority to provide students with access to the latest technology that facilitates improved learning. Students and teachers use Chromebooks that can used during travel so that communication between teachers and students is always open. 

    Travel is tightly integrated with the CVA’s athletics program. CVA’s commitment to technology and continuous communication ensures that there is no sacrifice to the quality of education that students receive. In fact, our alumni can testify that this learning structure has done wonders to help prepare them for the dynamics of college and the “real world.”
  • A Holistic Approach to Education

    CVA teachers, coaches and students share many common interests which help to develop personal connections. It is through these personal connections that students can feel comfortable talking with their teachers and coaches about the challenges they are facing both in academics and athletics.

    CVA teachers and coaches work closely together in order to ensure that students are maintaining a healthy balance between academic and athletic programs. CVA teachers understand that travel for athletics is required, but demand the highest standards for work done both on the road and in the classroom.

    This holistic approach to education cultivates students with strong skills that contribute to successful lifestyles in college and beyond.  An investment in CVA’s proven approach to learning pays off for a lifetime.

Academic Success Program

CVA’s Academic Success Program (ASP) provides a skill-based program directed toward helping students achieve their greatest potential and become independent learners.