More than 25 years ago, CVA was the first academy to develop a program specifically for snowboarders and continues to be one of the leading snowboard academies. Our student-athletes compete in boardercross racing, snowboard alpine racing, and freestyle.

Kingston Dickey '28 Talks Boardercross at CVA

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CVA's Snowboard Program is individually focused on athlete growth and development through the application of level-appropriate training principles and human performance programs. 

Athletes can expect to be fully immersed in training both on and off the hill including: fitness evaluation, physical conditioning, competition planning, and goal setting.

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  • 60%

    of CVA Snowboard athletes at 2022 USASA Nationals earned top-10 finishes
  • 33%

    of CVA Snowboard athletes at 2022 USASA Nationals placed on the podium
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Among our distinguished graduates is Seth Wescott, a two-time Olympic Gold medalist. Seth splits his time between the Valley and his home in British Columbia, and he remains active in the Sugarloaf and CVA community.


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  • Michael Goldschmidt “Goldy”

    Snowboard Development Coach
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  • Freddy McCarthy '12

    Snowboard Program Manager
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  • Benjamin Elliot

    Snowboard Park Head Coach
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Program Opportunities

Movement between groups is encouraged, and is determined based on athlete progression, skill acquisition, commitment to training, and overall attitude. Individual safety, as well as on-hill awareness and code of conduct is always a priority within each group.

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  • Development Team (grades 7-11)

    The Development Team focuses on exploring all realms of competitive snowboarding in a fun, positive, learning environment.  Attention to stance, proper posture, and edging skills is a primary focus and is where we build the foundation for future progression.   
    We further the athlete’s development of solid fundamental skills as they are the foundation of high caliber snowboarding in all disciplines. Non-result related goal setting and visualization training is presented. Technical and tactical elements of competition is also introduced.  The importance of tuning and continued maintenance of equipment for training, travel, and competition is addressed.  Athletes compete in all disciplines of the regional USASA series, and when appropriate eastern Rev Tour or other intro level FIS events.
  • Elite Group (grades 9-12)

    The Elite group focuses on a mastery of skills related to competitive snowboarding in freestyle. A complete understanding of all aspects of competitive snowboarding including, but not limited to; training technique, competition tactics, and understanding of judging principles (FIS and IJC) is taught.  
    Additionally, athletes begin compiling video and photo documentation and working on a resume for sponsorship purposes.  Effective use of this media and maintenance of these potential sponsorship relationships is covered.  The basics of filming, being filmed and creating video parts is an ongoing project.  Athletes primarily compete in Grand Prix, Revolution Tour, TTR Tour, FIS/Nor-am events as well as USASA events as needed to enhance and continue overall progression.  Athletes in this group are also encouraged to qualify into FIS Jr. Worlds, Project Gold and other invite only and promotional style events.
  • Snowboard Cross and Racing Group (grades 9-12)

    The SBX group concentrates on developing a complete acquisition of skills needed for snowboard competition in parallel slalom, giant slalom and boardercross.  All aspects of competitive snowboarding including, but not limited to; technique, tactics, tuning and maintenance, visualization, and a complete understanding of FIS rules and procedures are also addressed.  
    Athletes primarily compete in USASA and FIS/Nor-am events.  All athletes in this group are introduced to Elite level FIS snowboard competitions and boardercross events as needed to enhance and continue overall progression.   Athletes in this group are encouraged to compete in FIS Jr. Worlds and to try to qualify for US Ski and Snowboard Project Gold camps as well.